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Our Inbound USP

We only require inbound booking slots for full loads and containers. Our customers say “We are always open”. If your product is urgent you can simply instruct your freight partner to deliver NOW (Opening hours between 7am & 3pm additional by request).

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Warehouse Facilities

14,000 M2 of flexible warehousing and packing production space. Capacity for 20,000 pallet spaces and 12,500 mezzanine locations. Ambient temperature-controlled conditions with 24-hour site security. 90M unloading dock with real time perpetual stock systems.

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Flexible Fulfilment Services

We pick, pack and distribute B2B and B2C for multiple customers with daily volumes of 100,000 units, 3,500 lines over 900 orders of upwards of 90 metric tonnes of product!

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Despatch Transport Services

In partnership with our selected suppliers, we provide cost effective pallet, carrier and post deliveries dependent on the service required.

Benefits of Outsourced Logistics

Why contract your own building which always remains one size potentially “Either too empty or too full” operating for you with variable volumes and fixed amounts of staffing when you can appoint a trusted company to take care of your day to day fluctuations in staff and volumes. We have real time systems and flex our labour across multiple customers and disciplines handling priorities and volumes charging on a unit cost basis. This allows you to concentrate on your core activities and leaves us to handle your products with care!

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Other Logistics Services

  • Returns warehouse, inbound inspection reporting and repackaging
  • Consolidation warehouse for kit assembly
  • Inventory Management and fulfilment – know what kits you can build and who’s order you complete
  • Core assessment and review, for component returns and exchanges
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