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Cannon Packing and Logistics
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Our business model provides all the infrastructure you may need from a contract packer, we can hold parts and packaging, release them to packing production, provide the labelling to pack in multiple images, then hold again or despatch direct to customers in their totes or stillages with all the inbound admin for the customer and transportation completed by CPL.

Cannon Packing

Our people USP

Up to 200 trained, multi skilled/disciplined team members who can work for multiple customers.

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Cannon Packing

Our system USP

To provide a low-cost high productivity service we write our own software, we have invested millions of pounds over the life cycle of our system. It also provides the information our customers require which are unique and specific to their requirements. Connecting with all systems through interfaces including EDI as required creating a seamless system without additional labour costs for us and ultimately our customers.

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Cannon Packing


With up to 200 flexible staff and over 50 years of experience. 13,600 M2 of production and storage space together with our internally developed software, we are uniquely placed to serve our customers with all the resources they require. A significant amount of our customer base has utilised our flexible and trusted services for over 20 years, when we work with a customer we want to genuinely retain them.

Can Cannon Packing and Logistics provide the services you need?

The only way we can answer that question is if you contact us. We will be pleased to assist with your requirement to provide a fully costed proposal. But, if we feel we are not the right answer we would recommend contacts who we would hope would be an appropriate fit to your business requirement.

Cannon Packing

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Cannon Packing

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