Cannon Packing is a contract packer that specialises in the packing of every size of product, from tiny components to huge

air-conditioning units. Cannon Packing provides services that meet a wide range of contract packing needs that are continuously efficient and flexible.


Cannon Packing is able to act as a distribution centre, developed to meet the specific needs of the customer. This allows the efficient intake of bulk orders from around the world, breaking these down to allow individual items to be picked, packed and dispatched directly to their customers, through a variety of carriers and delivery options.

Contract Packing

Paying a third party to do the work may seem counterproductive when they are looking to cut costs, but outsourcing certain functions save businesses time and money.


Outsourcing cuts employment-related costs and reduces overheads which arise with employing more staff.


By outsourcing, businesses gain access to a higher level of skills at a lower price.


145 flexible staff
600 orders a day
95,000 packs a day
110,000 units a day
Large case packing
Light micro packing


Scalable packing solutions

Reduce overheads

Remove costs of fixed space

No set up fees

Increase your production space