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CPL provide CO-PACKING, CONTRACT PACKAGING to large multi-national and specialist brands.

With over 50 years of packing experience, up to 200 staff and over 15,000 metres of space. Our customers receive a scalable innovative solution by a professional independent company who’s principal focus is ONLY on PACKING, with daily packing volumes across multiple customers of up to 500 orders for 200,000 units into 100,000 packs. Our primary selling point is our in house developed system that can integrate directly into your system. We provide packing with machines, flexibility with hand packing and have supporting services for labelling and packaging. We provide many associated packing services such as kitting, reworking, stock returns and core management.

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The Benefits

CPL charge by transaction to standard specifications working to agreed key performance measures. All our services to each customer are individual and are supported by a real time system that allows this flexibility and provides transparency that some customers will not achieve in their own systems, rather than a supplier.

As a multi customer site we can support the daily, weekly annual peaks of demand that occur and provide a level of permanent staffing that cannot be achieved in any stand alone packing operation. We can also do this with proven competitive pricing, at a unit costed price!