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Our outsourcing difference

We have a business model that is based on low overhead costs and high productivity. To drive costs down and maintain connectivity to our customers we have developed our own Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This provides full visibility of our activities and allows our customers to monitor our performance through key performance indicators (KPI’s). Our ERP system remains directly under our control and this is key where data confidentiality, security and integrity are paramount.

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Process Development

We start with a blank piece of paper and develop our system around our customer’s processes and workflows, no customer is the same! We are determined to reduce cost by working to what our customer wants NOT what we want and how OUR system works. We provide systems integration that can work around our customers standard software, in many instances this cannot easily be changed or developed quickly by them.

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There are no ongoing costs and licensing fees for our customers and our system is easily scalable in terms of size, complexity and scope. Unlike commercial ERP systems that enforce version changes or can be discontinued, our system can evolve and be updated at minimal or no cost. We have a customer website portal and provide over 600 file exchanges via email and EDI daily. We keep our customers’ product visible, by providing real time packing and warehouse systems. We feel our significant investment in IT for over 25 years provides a CLEAR DIFFERENTIATOR to our competitors.

Should we invest in IT infrastructure?

Absolutely! We all need information now to make informed decisions, we have invested over £2 million developing our own ERP software and it makes a clear difference. Why struggle with structured inflexible IT systems and develop a system around your business to serve your customers. Let us remove and change inflexible processes to fit what YOU really need today, saving you and your customers time and money.

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Other Packing Services

  • Quality Inspection – Services provided to your requirements
  • Rectification – Reworking parts that may have failed inspection
  • Core Review and Sorting – For components return exchanges
  • Case Assembly – For Heavy castings for Air Freight if required
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