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We can design and print any label for you on any type of product. We use Nice Label Software and have introduced this cloud based labelling solution to new and existing customers, providing training and assistance. Counterfeiting of branded products is a serious problem and security can be set up both within the software when printing labels or the material.

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Cannon Packing

Barcode Design

Most product labels today have 2d or 3d barcodes to assist with the processing of parts, utilising scanning technology to save time and improve accuracy.

Cannon Packing

Packaging & Label Purchasing

We can assist with design and purchasing of wooden cases, corrugate and carton board boxes, individual and reels of polythene bags together with Flexo and digital labels. These can be supplied and charged as part of the packing process on a unit price basis or in bulk.

Part Packaging & Labelling

Due to the high volume of parts we pack, we see hundreds of different styles and applications for packaging materials and labels. The solution for packing any product is likely to be in our production area at any time. From engines packed in export cases to small plastic components packed individually in bags. The choices seem endless!

Cannon Packing

Other Packing Services

  • Quality Inspection – Services provided to your requirements
  • Rectification – Reworking parts that may have failed inspection
  • Core Review and Sorting – For components return exchanges
  • Case Assembly – For Heavy castings for Air Freight if required
Cannon Packing

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