Can outsourcing your warehouse be a smarter solution?

The responsibility for managing your products in your own warehouse can be a double edged sword. Products aside, you will be accountable for inventory, handling, storage, processes and tracking, among many other requirements. If you are starting out or expanding with rapid growth, purchasing and running your own warehouse requires a big investment. From financing the purchase of a warehouse to maintaining the building, purchase of racking, new equipment, technology and employees.



Keeping the processes in-house gives you the feeling of full control. The warehouse is an investment and you can choose how to run it. However, taking on a new warehouse, staff and all the insurances that go with it is a huge financial outlay and often an unaffordable burden.  Running a warehouse as well as carrying out maintenance are performed is heavy on resources. There are a lot of health and safety requirements involved with running a warehouse. Expert training has to be performed on a regular basis and in some areas of the warehouse, some operations are mandatory.



For those that do not have capital, time, or experience to invest in this option, outsourcing is a smarter solution.



If you choose to outsource, your storage and packing are managed for you regardless of any building or staff issues. Customer services, pick and packing, shipping and all value added services are at a fixed price, and with this is the expertise of a company whose core business is contract packing. Outsourcing your warehouse can save time and reduce unnecessary overheads for any retail business.



The decision to hand over responsibility often comes with some concerns. After all, this is your business in someone else’s hands. However, a reputable company should be an expert in their field and know exactly how to provide you with the very best service.



Outsourcing your warehouse to an experienced contract packing company means you no longer have to think about policies and daily checks. This is no longer your responsibility so now you can concentrate on other aspects of the business. Full warehousing and fulfilment specialists offer numerous services for clients including returns, shipping and even customer service. This means your clients are looked after with time and consideration, and you have the time to continue developing your business.



What are your future business goals? How much does a warehouse cost to support your growing business? Do you have an investment to purchase, manage and maintain your own premises? Understanding the answer is a good way to find out which warehousing outcome is best for your company. Careful consideration allows you to look at the pros and cons of both warehouse management options, to make sure you choose the path which will benefit your business the most.



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