The costs of outsourcing

The cost of outsourcing?

What do the packing costs cover?

What turn around time do you offer?

How much do warehouse staff cost?

What are the extra costs of staffing?

How do you measure productivity?

How do you manage our products?

Can I have live reporting?

Key performance indicators?

Packing costs

We offer cost-effective solutions for packing. The indicative cost includes receipt, order set up, packing and dispatch. Excludes packaging materials and label printing. Please contact us for accurate pricing for your individual requirement.

Indicative costs

One into a carton and label0.10
One into a poly bag and label 0.07
One into a machine pack and label 0.04
Receipt charge FOC
Dispatch charge FOC
Information systems FOC


Packed to your specifications

All inclusive charges

Transparent pricing

Includes all system costs

Unloading and loading included

Staff costs

Staff are the largest single increasing cost in a business. We pay for recruiting, managing, space to work, holidays etc. This is before the government target minimum wage of £ 9.00 for 2020.


For production wages, your staff cost is your production cost NOT your hourly cost


£12.00 hourly cost packing 12 per hour

= £1.00 per unit


£14.00 hourly cost packing 28 per hour

= £0.50 per unit

Minimum wage per hour

Cost £
Minimum 01.04.19
Employers NI
Workplace pension
Base costSub Total9.02
Holiday pay
Holiday cover pay
Overall hour cost £Total11.32

Excludes cost of

Employee benefits

Employee disruption

Sick leave

Unproductive time

Comfort breaks


Building costs

Maternity and paternity pay

Keeping control of your product

We provide all our customers with live data to support their operation. We write all the software and integrate this around your system and needs. This is typically incorporated within our packing charges. We have over 600 files interacting daily with our customers, excluding our own live web interface.


File transfers
Status files
Stock files
Key performance indicators
Service level agreements
Confirmation files
Web interfaces


Complete visibility of your products

Generate unique reports for your products

We write software to integrate with your systems

Real-time inventory checking

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