Warehousing and fulfilment

125 permanent staff

3,000 unique pick lines a day

15,000 units a day

9,000 square metres of storage

15,000 mixed pallet locations

10,000 mezzanine locations

Over 80 tonnes of despatches daily

Presented to your customer as required

Control and information systems


Customers require a completely flexible warehouse that expands and contracts with their requirements. As a fulfilment company we supply this service to multiple customers via a WiFi warehouse system.


Pallets, bulk and mezzanine locations
Any size of pallet base
24 hour security
Temperature controlled
Covered dock unloading area
Container destuffing
Real time systems
Perpetual inventory
Short and long term options


A completely flexible storage solution

Suitable for any pallet configuration

Pay for what you use

Expands and contracts with your requirement

Systems for you to manage your stock


Link your supply chain from receiving, packing storage and despatching in yours or your customers image. A system that supports all your business processes from receipt to delivery. We use yours or our selected freight, carrier and post suppliers.


Full load
Pallet, parcel and post distribution
UK, Euro and global
Business and end customer
Fulfilment services


Charges by individual order

On site transport provider

Tracked as required

Pick, pack & fulfilment

We pick and pack, store and despatch your product to your individual service level requirement. We expand and contract with your daily demand. We can be your e-Commerce fulfilment company.


Real time WiFi picking
Pick by retail bar code
Daily stock and pick confirmations
Personalised charging structures
Integrates with your logistics if required
Pallet, parcel and post distribution


Charges based on what you use

Fluctuates with your daily demand

Charges by order, lines or units

Full customer information system

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