Choosing a 3PL?

Choosing a 3PL? Can you continue to grow in your current space?


There are many good reasons to choose a 3PL provider to handle your logistics. Invariably, the right decision will depend on your business needs, your short and long-term strategies and your infrastructure. It will depend on forecasted growth vs current capacity.


How do you know when a 3PL provider may be the move you need to continue your company’s expansion?


It may sound obvious, but being in a growth mode is often the trigger point, where your ability to sell goods may be outpacing your ability to store and ship them to your customers. Retaining and growing your customer base is key to your company growth. And vice versa.


A 3PL company provides a valuable function and the solution to your problem. A contract packing company can provide a warehouse and logistics capability that you cannot manage in-house, along with economies of scale that come from amalgamating the logistics requirements of multiple businesses.


A 3PL also allows companies to focus on the factors that have more impact on growth while maintaining higher levels of customer satisfaction and confidence.



  1. How does your company handle logistical challenges?
  2. Are you pressed for warehouse capacity or staff numbers?
  3. Are you experiencing growth that you know you will struggle to accommodate in the long term?



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