When you run out of warehouse space

A full warehouse can mean different things. It might mean that your product isn’t moving and sales are declining.  Or it could be that you’re outgrowing your building and your business is growing.

Before you overwhelm yourself with thoughts of moving, renting space, researching new property, breaking leases, and maintaining productivity during a move, there are a few things that are worth considering. In doing so, you may save you from having to move at all. Some may even improve the way you manage your business.

It could be that you have the wrong mix of inventory, inefficient use rack space,  poor space utilisation or wasted vertical space.

This could be the perfect time to consider using a third party to take some bulk out of your warehouse, to take the fast moving products or handle your entire warehouse operation. For advice on all options and costs, please contact sarah.johnson@cannonpacking.co.uk