Is your warehouse over-crowded?

Is your warehouse bursting at the seams? Have you been quietly perusing larger premises or additional space?


While some of you may have managed your own fulfilment operations from the start, others have chosen to outsource further down the line. But how much does a warehouse cost vs outsourcing to a third party?



Both decisions can make a substantial impact on your business operations if not considered thoroughly. There is a lot of responsibility for managing your products in your warehouse; being responsible for inventory, handling, storage, processes and tracking, amongst many other obligations. If you choose to outsource your warehouse, a third party company will take control of your inventory and products, performing the same duties you would be in your warehouse, without the stress of juggling both warehousing operations and your business. They may even do a better job at it.



If you decide to purchase and run your own warehouse, you would need the finances to purchase not only the building but the equipment, technology and manpower to make it function. The benefit is that you own the premises which of course is an investment for the business. It is then up to you how you choose to run your warehouse.



Owning your premises, staff, all the insurance requirements that go with it is a huge financial investment. As a result, outsourcing can be a smarter solution.



With outsourcing, you know that the work is managed for you regardless of any building or staff issues. Customer services, pick and pack, shipping and everything in between will happen for one fixed price, and you get years of expertise as part of the deal. Outsourcing your warehouse can save time and reduce unnecessary overheads for any business.



Outsourcing means enabling an experienced company to take care of your products with as much care and consideration as you would. As this is your business in someone else’s hands, you need to ask the right questions, visit the warehouse and understand their processes to reduce any concerns. After all these people are experts in the field and know exactly what to do to provide the best service. Passing the warehousing on to an experienced warehouse management company, means you don’t have to think about policies and daily checks. This means you can concentrate on all the other more important aspects of running the business.