The challenges of an Operations Director

Are you faced with these challenges? And need to find a solution…



1. A concern for productivity

The need to make your employees work faster and better. How to get the team running efficiently and performing their duties quickly and successfully?


2. A need to improve process quality

From keying errors to compliance issues, employee errors can come at a high cost to an organisation.


3. Worries about customer satisfaction

Worrying about the customers is a job for every employee. Investigating customer satisfaction and reporting issues falls on your shoulders.


4. The workforce is getting smaller compared to previous years

Especially for skilled workers, and you are trying hard to hire good people. This can be especially daunting during periods of change or growth.


5. Keeping up with growth and expansion

There is less available warehouse space than in previous years. Rents and lease costs are higher, which affects choice.


6. Updating your ERP software

This has become far more complicated, with the requirement to invest heavily.


7. Re-evaluating purchasing strategies and the supply chain

Potential changes in regulations on products and surcharges on foreign import products will require a re-evaluation of your purchasing strategies. Many of the products you purchase from domestic suppliers are also from overseas.


8. Play a key role in ongoing development.

Review company strategy ensuring company objectives are achieved.


9. Provide first class leadership

Heading up and giving direction in manufacturing, warehousing, quality and sales order processing teams


10. Oversee the management of manufacturing and warehousing operations

Ensure resources are fully utilised


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